Follow your bliss


I took a long hiatus from writing for a while there. I told myself it was because of writer’s block. Maybe it was. Or maybe it was for the fact that I didn’t believe in my writing anymore.

I started writing a long time ago, way before I hit my teen years. In primary school. You see,I have always loved reading. Reading fiction. I love stories. I love words. Funny thing is though,I don’t really understand poetry. The whole poems thing always go over my head. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. Story books excited me. Then I picked up serious grown up books. Silhouette and Mills and boons covers. Nancy Drew and The famous five. Then I realized that I can also write my own stories. So one day, I picked up an exercise book and a pen. I must have been in class 4 or 5.. I really don’t remember what period it was. Also, I can’t even really remember what story I started writing down, but I know I didn’t finish whatever it was. But I had a story in my head and I wanted to write it. It didn’t work out well,and I stopped. I continued reading though. A lot. In high school, I picked up writing again. This time with vigour. I never did do any extra curricular activities when I was in high school, so sleeping, reading and writing were my pastimes. And I loved writing away more seeing as there weren’t a whole lot of exciting novels available. I wrote on my extra exercise books and am the only one in my class whose biro pen cleared off all the ink. Like, I’d have a pen and the ink would end. Because of all the writing I would be doing. At first, I wrote for me. Because I had a story in my head and I wanted to get it out. Also, I was bored. Then my classmates realized that I was writing novels and they’d borrow those exercise books and read what I was putting down. Soon, it was like a cult, I swear. I wasn’t just writing for me, I was writing for them. They loved my work. I loved that they loved it. And so that made me write more.

After secondary school, I used to keep them in a box at the verandah of our old house.Unfortunately, all those exercise books I had written so many stories on got ruined in the rain. Paper and mould is a bad idea. All those stories got washed away.

Then came blogs. Hallelujah! Technology evolved. So I started this blog. And it has been a good outlet. It has been fun. I remember I used to write all the time when I started. Atleast I tried to. I wrote mostly for me.

But with blogs came insecurities for me. There was always a better blogger. Funnier. Wittier. More interesting content than my random thoughts. Someone else wrote way better than me. So then I started writing less. I did not think I was interesting at all. I didn’t think what I wrote made sense.

The thing is, I totally forgot that I started writing because it was fun. Because it made me happy. Because it was a good outlet. My own public journal. I forgot that I loved writing. And I was a good writer. I am a good writer. Not the best. Not funny even. Probably not witty. But, except, am in nobody’s league. Just my own little writers club. I was comparing myself with others. It was stealing my joy.

And do you know how I came by to this realization? I could say it was because of me. That I realized I was awesome sauce! But it was because of my two friends, who I didn’t even know read my blog. They said they enjoyed it. That melted my heart. Yes, I enjoy writing for myself. But isn’t it just wonderful when someone says they like your work? It actually feels really good. That made me feel like a good writer and that I shouldn’t just not write.

So I picked it up again.

And here I am. And here I will stay for as long as words are in me. For as long as the pen has ink and the exercise book is blank. For as long as WordPress will be working,to be honest. For as long as possible.

So here’s to me. Here’s to my two friends who read my words. And to the others (friends and non friends), too, who come by this little blog and choose to see what it’s about. Cheers 🥂

The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt’ Sylvia Plath.

My face


Ever since I hit puberty, my face has always been acting up. I was never those girls with smooth, flawless, glowing skin. I still am not. I can remember vividly during my teen years struggling with a horrendous pimply face. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a bit. It wasn’t horrendous, but to a teenager, anything that doesn’t go as it’s supposed to be is simply world ending. The pimples on my face disturbed me so much. Made me hate my face. Made me hate myself, to be totally honest. So much so that I never looked at myself in the mirror. Not for a long time anyway. Then I grew up,matured, and my face cleared a bit. Became better. Not flawless and glowing, but I figured ‘eh, nothing can ever be perfect’. You learn that with age by the way.

Cue now! My face is glowing. It’s not all the way smooth and flawless with a very even skin tone that I would absolutely kill for fyi, but it’s glowing. I don’t have a very rigorous face routine that I follow that most women seem to be having now. And I don’t have very expensive face products either. I wish I had the expensive ones, but well… you know.. money! I have just figured out what works for me and I roll with it. So now my face is glowing. And am loving it! Never felt better about my face as I do at this point. I always said that when my face ever acted right, then it would show that I have my life together. You know, like how sometimes you wear matching underwear (bra and pantie) and think ‘yes, I have made it in life’. Lol. Or is it just me who thinks that? Anyways!

Lies. It’s all lies. Having my face acting right doesn’t make me feel like I have my life together. If anything, I feel like it’s falling apart! For real, adulting is the complete ghetto! I should have been a duck! You think you have one thing in check, then the devil laughs. Or God. Or whoever is in charge.

Well. I almost forgot where I was going with talking about my face. I have been having a bad few days. Or weeks. Months? I don’t know anymore. Ofcourse, there usually is something good amidst all the bad. Am not a total debby downer! Am positive. Positivity radiates within me. Even with my bad few days, I know that it will all be alright. And if it won’t, then I will be. Right? Right! I’ll be looking at myself in the mirror and my image will be staring back at me and then for a fleeting second, I’ll think about all the bad. Nothing outwardly really bad. It’s just those small things that affect you in your life and at times,they get so overwhelming,you know? I have been drowning,to be honest. But then just as fast, I get distracted by my glowing, almost clear face. Let me tell you, I really love it here for my face!

Despite all the bad, am trying to concentrate on this one good. My face. For a long while, it hasn’t been a source of ‘it will be alright’. But somehow, that is what it has become now. Not perfect, not clear, but glowing. And glowing I shall take and appreciate. It’s enough to see me through to the next day.

I believe??


I personally know of someone who is all about manifesting. Like, she is always all about affirmations and manifestations and putting things she wants out into the universe. And honestly, so far, this tactic seems to be working for her. Well, her life isn’t all roses and champagne ,but it’s not bad.

And this has become a thing with so many people.

I was wondering if it has always been a thing. I feel like it’s a millennial and gen z thing though. Vibes and inshallah typa living. Boomers believed in hardwork. They still do. And prayers. But mostly hard work. Unless you were some hippie.

I can be a tad superstitious, so I think all that manifestation and affirmations work. To some extent. I even follow several pages that guide people on this. I will read the quotes and….believe. Or want to believe. But then I will read that specific one and crease my face in that way you do when you know whatever you have read or heard is total bullshit. The ones for like or retweet or type an amen and money will come to you in three days. Those ones I believe are kinda farfetched. Money will not come to you unless you have worked for it. Unless it’s the end of the month and your salary is due. Or someone who owed it you has paid you back. Or you are thief. Or won the lottery. But then again also, there is the fact that money will come to you in every three days if you are in the money laundering business (wash wash)! Maybe they are the ones being told to type amen or like.

Anyways, I won’t sit here and lie that I haven’t liked or retweeted. I draw the line at typing amen though. I also can’t bring myself to read The Secret,that self help book. Yes, maybe it does work. All those people who have reviewed it and they swear by it can’t all be lying surely. I just feel like like I would be too invested, then highly disappointed when things don’t go as I want them to. I’ll have been sold a lie. But isn’t that life? It not going as you want. It hardly ever goes as planned. No matter how much we believe. Or affirm. And manifest.

With manifesting, you are supposed to speak it out aloud with faith. You can’t just say I want a pen but deep inside yourself you know that there is no way you will get that pen. It’s all about faith, really. But am also thinking, everything is about faith. We walk in faith. Live by faith. Huh. Come to think of it, manifestation is actually faith. (This one has just hit me now by the way).

I do believe in the positive thoughts. That really does have a great impact in your life. Self affirmations and body positivity and a clean mindset. These are things that you can have and no one can take away from you. Mantras you learn that help you go about your day. That make you go through the hard parts in your life without feeling like a total failure. Quotes that make it easy and worth it. Words that give you energy to deal. These ones I a hundred percent live by. And you can’t tell me otherwise!

I have tried manifestation too. Sometimes intentional, some other times not so intentional. The intentional ones are me wanting more money. Or a husband. Honestly, I have really tried bringing these two into existence. I don’t know why the universe isn’t listening to me on this to be honest. Maybe there is something am not doing right in that area….

My unintentional manifestations are sometimes trivial things. Things I will be thinking about and I will either try to bring them into existence or just think about it and forget but I will find that it has happened. I want some fancy mug I saw l. I don’t necessarily need it, but having it would make me feel happy. A week later, somehow, I have found some money and I go buy it. I think that’s manifestation too.

I suppose am 50/50 when it comes to this. I would like to be a full believer, but then the sceptic in me comes out. It can’t be that easy. Some things you just can’t speak into existence. It’s impossible to manifest your way through life,to be brutally honest. Its good to believe,to have faith. But as they say, faith without action is dead.

“I don’t chase….I attract. What is for me,will simply find me”. Tiktok 2021

Good advice that’s bad


For the longest time, I have always been for that short saying that ‘no one owes you anything’ or ‘you don’t owe anyone anything’. Somehow, ish-ish, I still think that it’s true. You know, because, this life is your own. You decide how you want to live it. You decide what you want to do with it. You decide everything. As an adult, you don’t usually go around telling people what you are going to do, or how you are going to do it. You just do it. Well, unless it’s at work, then you owe every single step you are going to make to someone.

But, am kind of changing my mind a little about it. Somehow, ish-ish. There was this question on social media on what sounds like good advice but is actually the worst. Someone wrote, you don’t owe anyone anything. And I was like, whaat! That’s actually true advice. But then I went through the comments and people were really making sense in their agreement of it. Sometimes you can be absolutely for something but then you will listen to the other party and understand where they are coming from with their thoughts. Life isn’t always all so black and white.

You see, you are not an island. You don’t exist alone. Yes, it’s your life. You are allowed to do anything that you want. Be whomever you want. Exist however you want. All this is allowed. But don’t you think you owe the people closest to you some type of ….I don’t want to say explanation, but it is an explanation. Shouldn’t you as a human being, who exists amongst other beings, be somewhat accountable for their actions?

If you are living with your parents, or anyone else, and you decide you are gonna be moving out, it is only normal for you to sit them down and tell them that it’s time for you to go out on your own. You don’t just get up and go away. If you decide you no longer want to be with a partner or a lover, you owe them an explanation as to why, especially if the other party isn’t on the same page. This ghosting business we do now is really toxic and that’s why it hurts so bad when it’s done to you. Because the ghosted is always left wondering, and why couldn’t they just be told that? You don’t just leave someone or a situation you have been with ,or in, for a long while, because now you are done and you don’t owe them anything. That’s just wrong. And honestly, very rude.

Am not saying write a detailed thousand word essay, but let people you are close to know what’s happening. They may not always agree or understand, but at least they will not be blindsided by your actions.

And this is where all these comes in. It’s not asking for permission. But sometimes you too want an explanation from the people in your life. It’s called accountability, and it’s all part of the adulthood process whether we may like it or not. Imagine if we all went around doing what we wanted willy nilly! Like animals in the forest!

You want respect? you have to give it back. You want people to be responsible? then you need to own yours too.

Sometimes, people won’t accept your reasons and explanations, but it’s not for them to anyway. It’s your decision and they will just have to take it. Or leave it.

it can be dark


It’s been a while since I have been on this site. Not just to write. Even just to read other people’s posts. It could be writers block. It could be not. It could be a total lack of inspiration. Or both. Or simply the fact that writing is usually an outlet for me. Putting down words on paper would mean that I would have to face my feelings. Or the lack of. Feelings are dumb,right? Like, who needs those!

I have a gratitude app. Because I never take anything I have for granted, and it’s very important for me to never lose sight of all that. It’s a just a normal app, and available at the google play store. Anyway. At the end of everyday, I get a message and I have to write down what I am thankful for. It could be anything. I meal I had, a friend I was glad to meet, a nice TV program that made me laugh. Absolutely anything. Sometimes, it will give me a pointer. Like, write about someone who helped you recently. So, yesterday, it gave me something that totally threw me off. I was supposed to write something that I was excited for in the future. Not two. Just one.

Yoo! I couldn’t for the life of me think of one thing! Nothing! And that made me really sad.

Am excited to be alive tomorrow? Yeah. But. Welll….No. Not that am not excited to be alive tomorrow. I totally am.

I just felt some type of way that I am currently not excited about anything. Even the smallest thing. All I am, all I have been for a while, is a constant ball of worry and anxiety. It’s been a hamster in a wheel type of days for me.

Is it the pandemic, you think? The uncertainty of a lot of everything that has been happening of late? And then it has been mixed with all these other curves that life has been throwing all over.

Am literally doing one step at a time. Just one step forward and I’ll see how it will be with that other one. Just like so many other people out here. Well, at least I hope so. Wouldn’t want to be the only slow one out here, no matter how much sometimes I think am the only one. And that’s the thing with such kind of thoughts and feelings. They always trick you into thinking you are absolutely alone.

Am excited to go home at the end of the day after a day of work. I probably should have written that,huh?

If you are looking for encouraging words from this, there is none. I have none. I just want one thing to be excited for. I want not to worry, and not to pretend that am not worried. I want a hug and a million shillings!


It’s the little things


There is some time on twitter (gosh,I don’t like this app. I don’t even know why am on it), this guy had written that if you ever go into a woman’s house and you find that she’s written on sticky notes and stuck them on her walls,that’s a big red flag there.

I have no idea what that meant though. No,I know what he meant by they are red flags. I just didn’t know what he meant by you should consider them a red flag. You get me? Obviously,he meant you are really crazy somehow. See,that’s why I don’t like that app. Such know- it- alls over there. Or non know-it-alls.

And the comments that followed that status were all in agreement.

Am those women. Am that person who will write on sticky notes and stick them all over my bedroom mirror and walls. Just small notes of things I have read and I like. Small notes that resonate with me or make me feel. Quotes and sayings that are important for me to remember. So I write them down and put them where I can see them on the constant.

You do what makes you you.

I write on a notebook. I follow affirmation pages on the internet. And then I claim things. A lot. Am not very good at manifestation,but I try. I have come to realize that I legit have most of the things I have ever wanted. Am grateful and then I write that down. That’s what makes me feel good. That’s the kind of stuff that make me feel like things are okay. Or are going to be okay.

And isn’t that what we all need in our lives? Little things that us make feel fine! It’s always those small things.

You do what makes you you.

If it’s journals or diaries or little sticky notes all over your space,you do that. If it’s therapy,you do that. If it’s opening up to random people who don’t even know you,you do that. Lol. Though I think that’s really funny. Opening up to people I know is a task, imagine a total stranger! Anyways.

I don’t know…. This life has no manual though. There isn’t one way to do one thing or the other. We are all winging it out here honestly. Even those who think your way is wrong,they don’t have an answer either.



Recently I was reading a twitter post about this twenty eight old lady who had her uterus removed. At 28. It was a whole very hard process because apparently as a woman,you can just walk into the hospital and have a doctor do a hysterectomy on you without a male consent. Yes! That’s actually a thing. In this day and age. In this bloody century. Shocker. I didn’t know about that. Anyway,that’s a story for another day. So this lady had to go through 9 doctors,who all refused her because apparently she was young and she’d probably change he remind in the future,blah blah blah. Finally, the final doctor who was a woman, agreed to do one on her,but she still had to have a male consent. She got her brother to give her permission. In that tweet,she was ecstatic. Because something she’d wanted since she was a very young person had come through. She’d always known she didn’t want kids.

I always think back to that tweet. Not because I want a hysterectomy. Oh no. God forbid. I have fibroids,but I pray every day that it never gets there for me.

Why that tweet was the best thing I had read in a while was because that lady was brave enough to shout out to the world what she wanted. And she got what she wanted. And it hit me exactly why.

I realised why these stories of women who decide they don’t want kids or husbands or who don’t conform to all that society expects of them make me feel good.

Why are they wholesome stories to me.

I am ashamed.

I am ashamed for wanting. For some reason,I feel shame for wanting what I want most. A baby. A husband. Am single, yes. But it’s the 21st century. It’s not supposed to define me. Which,it does not. But still. You get me? It’s still there.

I usually feel really less when I say I want these things. That’s usually why I’ll laugh it off,say I’ll be okay with or without it. It’s what is expected,you see.

Brave people are my people. I love them. Maybe because am not a brave soul,I guess. So seeing one gets me. A person who decides this is what they want and they go through with it gets me. They’ll say and do and screw anybody else.

I know,I know. Am not supposed to give a hoot what other people will think,or think. Am grown. This is my life. I so know this. Still.

I don’t know where these feelings come from. I don’t fault people who are loud about their wants. I feel at fault about mine though. Somehow.

Am a strong(okay, strong-ish) independent(not by choice) woman. I don’t need those things. I can’t be needy like that. But I am. I shouldn’t feel shame for that. Right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting. With wishing and hoping and praying. Doesn’t make me weak,no matter that it makes me feel that way.

Also,am constantly afraid none of it will ever happen,and so I feel shame for wanting things that won’t happen. Ya friend feel me?!

Gosh. Maybe I would thrive in therapy!

I am who I am.

I love this plant.

Who am I?

Gee! I really don’t know.

No. Really. I don’t.

I personally hate this question. I do. Yes,it’s very straight forward,but also very, very confusing. Also,it makes me very nervous. Because I never know what to say other than my name. And probably age. And maybe where I live… You know,the basic of things.

And it irks the most when you are at some job interview,or speaking to someone new and you asked this dreaded it. Your mind just goes blank. Like bye bye,gotta go hide now! #eyeroll

Well, ofcourse you know who you are. The trouble is explaining to someone else who you are. Maybe give me a pen and paper and I’ll probably give it my best shot??

Maybe I find it uncomfortable because I don’t like talking about myself. Am sure people who are really good orators,or just generally talkative thrive on this. They can start and never finish and by the time they are done,you feel like you have know them forever.

Heh. Am not those people. Its always a struggle for me.

Today I was asked what moves me. Like,what makes me tick…..

See, this is why I could never strive in therapy!

Right now,am a daughter,first and foremost. Am a sister too. A very good friend to some people, (well,I hope I am). A cousin to a couple of really cool guys. Am aunt. Am an employee who thanks God every single day for the job she has. I don’t live for my work though,but I do enjoy it. Most times. I try to be a good human being,but that’s always relative. Depends on the person you ask anyway. Or the day. Am a person who loves books. I love to read. I love to discover new words,and then use them in everyday sentences. Lol. My kindle is the best thing that has happened to me since….well,since a very long time! I love to write also. When am really bothered to anyway. Am an ambivert,I came to discover. Being in between an introvert and am extrovert. I belong to bother worlds. Staying in and going out gets me pumped up in a good balance. Oh,I also hate exercise. That is the one thing that I can’t really do to save my life, really. And I believe in the stars. I really do. I’ll wake up in the morning and check my horoscope. Am those people. The aquarius in me. I love comedy and action shows. Laughter and violence. Balance!

Am moved deeply by my family. Ofcourse,am all about them,you see. Am moved when my parents ask for something and I can give it. When I can provide. Am moved when am amongst them,half of the time doing nothing but just being. My girlfriends also move me. Move me to laughter and fun and generally just being me…my squad. Am also moved by the boy am very much in love with. Am moved when good things happen to me or to the people closest to me. Hell,am moved when good things happen to people in the movies I watch or books I read! Day drinking has become a favorite pastime. Shows how old am getting, yeah? I love music. All kinds. As long as it sounds good to my ears,am game.

People who think they are better than everyone else piss me off. Rude people irritate the hell out of me! Hey,it will cost you literally zero shillings to be kind. People who think they know what’s best for everyone else make me really mad. Busy body’s make me mad also. How about minding your own damn business,aye! I hate mushrooms. Urgh! Can’t stand that shit! I’d rather eat grass.

Also,am a big believer in letting people be. Let people enjoy things. Stop being a party pooper. This life is for the living. Enjoy it. And if you can’t,let other people do it on your behalf. Ain’t nobody coming out of it alive anyway.

What’s in a name?


Before I started working where I am right now,I used to be a steward. When I applied for that job,I didn’t think it meant what it actually means. I imagined a steward is the same as being a hostess. You know,those pretty people who meet you at the door of the restaurant and ask ‘table for?’ , with these gorgeous smiles on their gorgeous faces with their perfect teeth? Yeah,that. Ha! Yeah,that should have been my first clue as to what I was actually applying for. Because really,my teeth aren’t perfect and my face isn’t gorgeous…maybe my smile could have passed though. Yeah,that’s what I equated being a steward to. So anywhoo,I applied for this job at one of the many franchise cafes that are all over Nairobi. So a steward basically works in the kitchen. And in the toilets. And anywhere you are told to work at in the back kitchen. It was washing dishes and helping prep the chefs station and making sure the guests toilets is clean and has all consumables. I didn’t mind it at first. It was some gruesome work though. Quit it after a while too. So work aside, there was this head chef who used worked there and he had this habit of calling us females ‘mrembo’. I swear,upto this day,I hate that term being a substitute for calling another person. It’s a nice word because it means beautiful,right? Like,on a normal day, someone calls you mrembo you smile sweetly and go ‘thanks’. But it was just the way he said it…He used to use it in such a demeaning way. You work for/with someone for such a long time,it’s only natural for you to know their name. It was never in his vocabulary. It was always mrembo this, mrembo that. It was really condescending the way he’d say it also. Like,you are beneath him and he didn’t have to know your name. He called the men with their names though. Arsehole! I’d go to work and if he happened to be in the same shift as me that day,my energy would just drop. Because the head chef was the head in the back kitchen and everything else. Really hated being called that.

Even now,don’t call me mrembo. Just, F you,man. I’d rather you catcall even. I swear I have PTSD from that. 😂😂. It’s the trauma.

I love pet names. Am very affectionate like that. I’ll smile at a small child and say ‘hi honey’ or ‘hey baby’. It’s just something that’s in me. I’ll call my friends sweety or babe or just always some weird funny name that I will only associate with them.

Do you know what other names people just think suit you and they are really irritating? Random people calling you ‘auntie’. Lol. Am not your auntie! Don’t call me that! I know,I know. They don’t know you so what will they call you? But still! No. Makes you feel ancient,or some shit.

I work in customer service,so I usually have to address people in polite terms. Or names. Like ma’am. And sir. Is that African? I don’t know. I’ve read about it,so I usually think it’s really polite. And ‘hey sweetie’…lol. But that I will only do in very informal places.

So how we address people around us is really important. We should check on that. That ka-name you think won’t hold, most probably will.

My Favs

Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…

I have a kink on my left hand wrist. Like,an ache that comes and goes. Then I have to flex the hand,like am relieving some kind of tension or something. On the hand,that is. After that,I switch my phone to my right hand.

Yup. I get the ache because I always have my phone in my hand and scrolling through it.

I am obsessed with my phone. I love my phone. I never thought that I’d be those people,but here I am. Before all this social media-smart phone obsession,I was into books. Don’t get me wrong,I still very much am. If I had to go anywhere and you gave me the choice between my mobile phone and the book I was currently reading,I always picked the book. Always. Now I pick the phone. But also,I have a Kindle,so I usually pick them both. Unless am going to some social event and I know that I won’t even get the tiniest chance of catching up on my reading. Plus,I can totally read the books on my phone. So it’s always a win win with my phone.

Technology,mhen? Isn’t it the best just!

Am not anti-social. Not that much anyway, anymore. Depends on where I am. Or the crowd I find myself within.

Like that joke people say that you wake up and the first thing you do is check your Facebook notification before you even check if you can walk.

Hahahaha. But how true is that though.

I sleep with my phone under my pillow. Or beside my head,whilst it’s charging. The last thing I check before I fall asleep is either Facebook or Instagram. Then I’ll put on my sleep sounds app because it’s so soothing and it makes me fall asleep faster. I specifically love the rain sounds. Nothing like the sound of artificial rain when you are trying to sleep. I have insomnia sometimes.

Honestly though, don’t we all just love social media?I can’t even imagine how we used to pass our time before all these social media apps were created. Yeah, people like me read books. We still do. Or maybe played those mobile games..snake xenzia and stuff. Now there are all types of mobile games. Candy crush. That’s the most I know, really. I don’t play phone games. Sometimes though I try word games and puzzles. Those are fun. I could those.

Facebook was my first social media app. A friend introduced me to it. I never really got the hullaboo about it at first,but it came to grow on me. The posting of photos and ‘what’s on your mind’ business and then it was Facebook that made people who had lost touch eons ago get in touch again. It was amazing. Now I love Facebook. Am not one to share photos and such,but I love that it’s a big source of news for me. I usually learn what’s happening in the country,or in the world,via Facebook. And the memes! I love memes. I love sharing them. Makes my day.

Instagram for all the showy shit people do for likes. IG is a fun place to be. There’s memes also over there. Anywhere there is memes,am in. Who doesn’t love a good laugh all the time. Many people also use the platform to sell stuff. So I may not be buying things like I want to,but I like to look. Internet window shopping.

I always had a twitter account,but I was never active until last year. Never really got the hang of it,and I didn’t know how it was done. It’s interesting too. Kinda. Apart from the fact that twitter people all think they are oh so clever,it’s a cool platform. I get news from there too.

I looove Pinterest. It’s just amazing. It’s like my own free therapist. 😃 Am very big on quotes,yeah? So each time I feel some type of way,I get in there and there’s all these ideas and suggestions on how to deal. With whatever you are feeling. It helps me a lot. And the DIYs. I have done so many things around my house by myself because I saw it on Pinterest. And they all usually turn out okay. And really pretty. Just how I like it. And where do you think I get all these pictures I use for my WordPress? Yup! Pinterest. Thank you!

And WhatsApp? Chiillee. Let me not even start. Do not call me if it’s something you can text on WhatsApp. Am serious. Especially if I don’t know you very well. I will legit watch the phone ring off.

Let me not forget google. Who doesn’t appreciate google? I mean,this is like free school. You want to know anything,you just type it in and there’s all your answers. Plus more! I personally google everything. From word spellings and pronunciations to things I hear or read or see on TV. Our very own encyclopedia.

And all these apps are out here making people millionaires and giving people jobs. The creatives are killing it with them.

I wake up and check my phone before I know if I can walk! Am those people. I admit it. I am addicted,and am not even ashamed.. it’s good fun. And now with this quarantine business,what the hell are we supposed to do but be addicted to our phones?! And all these small social media apps?

They all make the world go round and round. ## rule the world now.